What We Actually Do?

As a leading Telecom Expense Management Company, we offer expert Telecom Consulting and Telecommunications Management services. Telcosavings, the Leader in Telecom Cost Reduction, recovers and saves companies millions of dollars each year through telecom audits, contract negotiations, and ongoing web-based Telecom Expense Management.

Telecom Auditing

DID YOU KNOW companies like yours often end up overpaying for their phone bills?

Contract Development

DID YOU KNOW there are so many telecom rates, terms and conditions that you shouldn't have to agree to and pay for?

Expenses Reduction

DID YOU KNOW sizable telecom expenses, contrary to belief, can typically be lowered?

Inventory Control

DID YOU KNOW telecom services are extremely hard to keep track of when companies either shrink or grow?

Dispute Intervention

DID YOU KNOW telecom carriers have devious ways to preclude themselves from billing disputes?

Telecom Auditing

When you’re a company of your size, the phrase “telecom audit” can sound scary. But in this case, it’s the only way to validate what telecom services you have and make sure that what you are being billed is the right amount you should be paying for. Too often, there are nuances you or your IT employees are unaware of. And too often, companies like yours, end up overpaying for their phone bills. Here’s what we’ll investigate regarding your voice, data, VOIP, internet, PBX and cabling charges:

  • Monthly recurring charges
  • Usage charges
  • One-time charges
  • Maintenance charges
  • Installation charges
  • Early termination shortfalls

Contract Development

About to sign a telecom contract with a telecom carrier? Sounds simple enough, but it’s not. There are so many rates, terms and conditions & telecom tariffs that you won’t understand – and you shouldn’t have to agree to and pay for.

That’s why it’s so important to let us take a last look BEFORE you sign.

We’ve seen cases where:

  • Telecom services are not mandatory yet are still billed at the whim of the carrier.
  • The carrier bills unnecessary additional costs to you under the reference “service guide” or “telecom tariff.”
  • Companies are unaware that some telecom prices proposed to you can still be lowered due to industry discounts and courtesies offered to consultants like ourselves.

Expense Reduction

Telecom expense (voice, data, internet, IP) typically ranks as one of the top expenses a company faces. And, contrary to belief, this sizable bill can be lowered through Telecom Expenses Management (TEM).

Here is what happen:

  • Correction of telecom billing errors. Many carrier invoices are so hieroglyphic in nature, it’s nearly impossible for your IT department to detect mistakes.
  • Costs need to be trimmed without sacrificing services. Because we are telecom carrier neutral, we will interface with your telecom carrier directly to identify potential cost-cutting areas.
  • If you are going to change carriers, let us look for telecom cost reductions BEFORE you let them know you are changing. Records are usually erased after converting, meaning we’ve lost our evidence to gain you back some refunds.

Inventory Control

As companies shrink and grow, telecom services are added, moved, changed, replaced and swapped out. So who is supposed to keep an eye on all this? The IT/MIS/Telecom department is busy enough dealing with often time-consuming and unpredictable tasks that fall within their expertise.

As part of your team, we can help you identify and qualify your telecom inventory – and capture a baseline. And, we can make sure you don’t get caught in unnecessary contractual obligations.

Dispute Intervention

Are you in the middle of an unresolved telecom billing dispute with your service carrier? We have the hands-on knowledge and experience in telecom consulting that has led to a high success rate in telecom billing dispute interventions.

It is our expertise that will STOP carriers who:
  • Run down the clock, causing clients to lose their recovery window.
  • Deny that a telecom contract exists.
  • Falsify information making an overcharge seem plausible.
  • Have clients sign settlement agreements precluding them from further billing disputes


It's easy to forget to disconnect services when employees leave your organization, or when a location closes. When contractual commitments near their notification date, take the time to go through the services you're paying for and make sure each one is still required.

Wireless proliferation and the internet have reduced call volume greatly, which means that many businesses find themselves paying for more trunks than they use. Offices with multiple PRI's should consider running traffic studies to ensure all services are being utilized.

It only takes a year or two, sometimes even less, for some technology types to become obsolete. Analyze your contract to find out if your existing services offer the best combination of performance and price available in the marketplace. Oftentimes it is more cost-effective to replace older solutions with newer ones. For example, a 50Mb Ethernet pipe is less expensive than a 45Mb TDM pipe. Constantly improving the relationship between performance and price in your telecom services portfolio is what telecom expense management is all about.

Shop around to see what other providers are charging for the services you currently use. Remember to include reliability, performance and customer service in your analysis.

Contracts tend to extend over a couple of years, so make sure you take the time to examine how your plan looks when considering the bigger picture.

Expense control is a key success factor of any profitable business. Working with a telecom expense management company can ensure you're only paying for what you need.


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Our telecom audit provides Telecom and IT Managers a much greater transparency of the services they are being provided by their Telecom Carriers.