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Telcosavings is a telecom expense management company that helps businesses increase revenues by reducing and controlling telecom costs and wireless expenses.  We specializes in contingency based audits, wireless optimization, and contract management.

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Telecommunications Audit

It's a fact that at least 40% of all telecommunications carrier charges are billed incorrectly. Upload your telco bills today for an expert review.

Phone Bill
Management Services

Evaluating the cost of your telephone service, including long-distance phone service and wireless phone service, it simply cannot replace experienced, knowledgeable telecom billing consultants who look at the complete picture and not just the numbers involved

Telecom Expense Management

IT BIll Audit

A comprehensive telecom audit conducted by our skilled team can save your organization thousands of dollars on annual telecom costs, including on your phone and IT bill.

Submit your bills and have our Expert Telco Audit Team Review and Contact you within 24hrs

To assist with your organization's growth, our team will audit your telecommunication and technology network service providers' invoices and records looking for ways to identify a billing overspend and provide cost recovery from your telecom and tech services.

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80% (or $38 Billion) of Business Telecom Invoices have billing errors! (Gartner Group) Only 2% is ever found.

-Gartner Group

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FACTS: 80% (or $38 Billion) of Business Telecom Invoices have billing errors! (Gartner Group). U.S. Businesses have $13 Billion/year in Telecom Over-Charges. (Gartner Group) Only 2% is ever found.

The #1 Reason … Most often times the right expertise does not exist in the business. Also, 85% of mid-market company bills are paid in full and are not audited by the organization (Aberdeen Group). For bills that are validated, billing analysts most often examine just a small subset of invoices associated with the largest spending (Aberdeen Group). In our experience organizations who perform their own audits can expect to cut costs by 3-5% provided they have the expertise and knowledge and enough resources to devout time to the task. Our clients who engage in audits save on average 17-36% (some much more) on their annual telecom spend, again the ultimate result being reduced costs and therefore increased profits.


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If you're looking for the ability to control your overall telecom cost reductions, look no further than Telcosavings.

Let Our Expert Telco Audit Team Review and Contact you within 24hrs

Our telecom audit provides Telecom and IT Managers a much greater transparency of the services they are being provided by their Telecom Carriers.

Telecom Auditing

DID YOU KNOW companies like yours often end up overpaying for their telecom billing?

Contract Development

DID YOU KNOW there are so many telecom tariffs, rates, terms and conditions that you shouldn't have to agree to and pay for?


Expense Reduction

DID YOU KNOW sizable telecom expenses, contrary to belief, can typically be lowered?

Inventory Control

DID YOU KNOW telecom services are extremely hard to keep track of when companies either shrink or grow?

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